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In the past, tennis rackets have traditionally been strung in a horizontal and vertical configuration. We are forward-thinking tennis players who wanted a racket that would play better than conventionally-strung rackets. Our goal was to explore a new frontier by changing the stringing, the only place where the racket hits the ball.


We formed PowerAngle LLC and designed diagonally-strung rackets along with PowerAngle clamps and string. PowerAngle Rackets reduce vibration by 40%, provide excellent playability, and are simple to string. Our rackets look different, play better and are healthier for a tennis player's arm than any other racket on the market.


The PowerAngle Racket design was inspired by a prior racket invention patented by Madeline Hauptman. She developed an innovative, three-directionally-strung racket based on the weave of a snowshoe. These rackets, called "MAD RAQ" (Madeline's Racquets), were used by professional tour players and are on permanent display in both the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum in London, England and the Museum of the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island.

MAD RAQ on display at the
International Tennis Hall of Fame


Todd Witsken, ATP Champion

Madeline Hauptman designed her three-directional racket because she enjoyed playing tennis, but, as an artist, her precious painting arm was very sensitive to the vibrations she felt when playing with conventionally-strung frames. Madeline created the prototypes and it was proven that MAD RAQ rackets significantly reduced vibration transmitted to a player's arm, while simultaneously offering great playability. Madeline sold MAD RAQ tennis rackets and licensed her patent to several companies, selling more than 500,000 racquetball rackets and 10,000 tennis rackets with the MAD RAQ stringing pattern.


However, MAD RAQ's stringing pattern was too complicated for many stringers, because it required three sets of strings (one vertical set interwoven with two opposite diagonal sets) instead of the conventional two sets of vertical and horizontal strings.


In 2000, PowerAngle was created as the next generation of uniquely-strung tennis rackets. PowerAngle Rackets, featuring two sets of diagonal strings, are much easier to string than MAD RAQ rackets, yet still offer excellent playability and ideal arm comfort. PowerAngle's equal-length diagonals disperse impact better than conventional strings, which are unequal in length and vibrate at different frequencies.

PowerAngle Diagonals vs. Conventional Stringing

PowerAngle Corporate Information

PowerAngle LLC was founded in 2000.


The company is run by:

Madeline Hauptman - President & Co-Inventor (

Dan Hauptman, Esq. - Director, Business and Legal Affairs (

Alex Berenstein, M.D. - Director, Strategic Planning (


Madeline Hauptman co-invented PowerAngle, and received U.S. Patent #6,089,997 (Tennis Rackets) and U.S. Patent #6,280,355 (Stringing Clamps). PowerAngle is a registered trademark of PowerAngle LLC.

The colors and the appearance of PowerAngle products are trademarks of PowerAngle LLC.


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