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In 5 minutes a stringer can learn to string a PowerAngle Diagonally-Strung Racket, and it takes the same time to string a PowerAngle as it does to string a conventionally-strung racket.


Click Here - Stringing Instructions


For Re-Stringing by Mail:

Perry Sinett

(561) 358-4315 

Click Here - List of PowerAngle Stringers

PowerAngle Diamond Stencil

The PowerAngle logo is a large diamond.

To stencil the diamond: Skip the outer two diagonals. Ink the next two diagonals all around the racket.

PowerAngle Vibration Dampeners

After stringing is complete, insert the two PowerAngle diamond-shaped vibration dampeners above the diamond logos on the inside of the bottom of the hoop (as shown above). Turn each vibration dampener 90 degrees to lock in place. Vibration dampeners must be inserted outside of the woven area.

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