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PowerAngle Rackets are tournament legal and conform to the official ITF Rules of Tennis.

      40% Less Vibration = Healthiest Racket for Your Arm

PowerAngle diagonals protect the muscles and joints of the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, and hand from harmful vibrations and undue stress. Doctors and tennis coaches endorse PowerAngle, confirming that less effort is needed to hit a ball solidly. The longer, diagonal strings reduce vibration and disperse the impact away from the racket handle, resulting in unmatched arm comfort. Conclusive scientific lab tests from 300 trials proved that PowerAngle diagonally-strung rackets reduce vibration transmitted to a player's arm by 40%, while maintaining excellent control and power.


Ideal Comfort with Excellent Playability

PowerAngle diagonal strings are more equal in length and reduce vibration by dispersing the impact of the ball more evenly around the frame. The result is that PowerAngle Rackets perform more consistently and with controlled power.

Conventionally-strung rackets have horizontal and vertical strings that are unequal in length and unevenly disperse the impact of the ball.

PowerAngle diagonal strings grip the ball strongly, similar to how diagonal treads on car tires produce superior traction on the road. The tennis ball stays on the diagonal strings longer, guaranteeing added spin with superb control.

Better Traction = More Control

      Easy to String and Strings Last Longer

PowerAngle Rackets have dot-to-dot number markings on each frame, making them as easy to string as conventionally-strung frames. The diagonal pattern forms a more secure weave that creates less friction between strings. As a result, PowerAngle stringing lasts longer than conventional stringing.

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